One Okoronkwo Abel has impreg­nated his house-help, Mabel Osuji, in Field Base, Suleja. His wife is also six months pregnant.
According to family sources, who narrated to The AUTHORITY, the reason for quarrelling and crying between the fami­lies of the house-help and the Okoronkwos was to force Abel to marry the house-help who is three months pregnant.
Abel, a 42-year-old mechanic along Kaduna Express Road, Suleja, said that he would not marry her and that the 17-year-old house-help always lured him to sleep with her whenever he comes home drunk.
“I will not marry her. No one will force me to marry her. But how are you all sure that I am respon­sible for her three months pregnancy? She could be pregnant outside here and probably lured me to sleep with her to cover her deed. No way, I will not marry her, she is evil,” he said.
The Source said drama started when Abel went temporarily mad and start­ed throwing out the house-help’s belongings accusing her of being a woman of loose virtues.
Both families got the shock of their life when the house-help revealed that she has slept with three men including Abel. The disclosure caught the ire of both families, who im­mediately sought to save the situation alleging that she was trying to ruin the couple. The house-help was chucked back to Imo State where she hails from.
When contacted for comment, Abel’s wife, Ce­line Okoronkwo, an aux­iliary nurse in a private hospital in Suleja said, “I was only trying to help her family raise one of their daughters. How do I accept my husband’s deed if truly he is the father of the un­born child?” - The Authority