A Police Officer Acussed of Living above his Means in a Video that went Viral on Facebook - Exonerated After Investigation

Police unmask 'MCON' alleged Policeman with N 2 billions in bank accountd

The Lagos State Police Command has unmasked the Policeman ‘ MCON’, Sergeant  Marcel Nnabugwu who was accused in the social media by a masked woman as living above his means as Inspector Christopher Nnabugwu.
A video clip of a policeman in Sergeant uniform went viral in the social media in which a lady wearing mask alleged that he had a huge amount of money in his account and was living above his means.
Following the report, the police stepped up investigation to unmask the said police Sergeant, ‘MCON’.
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The lady claimed in the video that Nnabugwu owned a property at house number 27, Fani Kayode street, GRA, Ikeja and further estimated the value of the property as N250 million. She further alleged that Nnabugwu also used an exotic car with customized number plate titled ‘MCON’ and whenever he entered into a nightclub, the club would shut down to attend to his needs.
The lady also estimated that the sergeant was worth over N2 billion and that he spent millions during his 30th birthday party.
The lady, therefore,  called on the police authority to investigate the source of the wealth of the officer who she further alleged to be serving in Mopol 18, Owerri, IMO State.
Following the video clip, the Inspector– General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, ordered the Lagos State Commissioners of Police, Imohimi Edgal and other units of the Force to investigate the case.
Edgar, at a press conference yesterday at the Command Headquarters, said following the complaints, the IGP directed him to fish out the policeman and the police swung into action to unravel the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) being alleged in other to check the veracity of the masked lady’s allegation.
He said that the investigation by detectives from the Lagos Command revealed some shocking information.
He said:”That there exists indeed one Christopher Marcel Nnabugwu, alias MCON. That the said Christopher Marcel Nnabugwu was enlisted into the police force in the year 2000 and was trained at the Police College Oji River, Enugu State. That he is presently an Inspector of Police serving at Ogudu Police Division where he is attached to the Divisional Crime unit and not a police Sergeant serving at MOPOL 18 Owerri as alleged.
“That Inspector Marcel Nnabugwu has never served in Mobile Police Force (MPF) since he enlistment into the Nigeria Police. That his picture in Police Mobile Uniform downloaded by the masked woman from his call on the Facebook as attested by the alleger, was the uniform he wore when he went for Mobilization exercise into the PMF for which he was not successful.
” According to the Inspector, his love for  PMF made him wear and took photograph to remember the day he went for the exercise even though he failed.”
Edgal further stated that investigation also revealed that Inspector does not own a car nor landed property in any part of Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.
He said that it was observed that Inspector Christopher Marcel Nnabugwu is currently single owing to his financial status as he is still gathering resources for that purpose.
He said that, though the video showed the Policeman singing and dancing that investigation revealed that the Inspector’s hobby includes dancing and singing.
“With this, it goes to show that the masked woman in the video is out to tarnish the image of the police. She is currently on the police wanted list. We will not rest until we arrest her. She will be hunted and when she is arrested she will be charged to court” he said.
The Police- Inspector said “I don’t know who is blackmailing me and the Police force. Well, I live in one room and parlor. What do I have? I have nothing, but the person who did this wanted to embarrass me and the entire police.

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