The Enugu State chap­ter of the Buhari Support Organisa­tion (BSO), has accused the Upper House of the Na­tional assembly (The Sen­ate) as presently constituted of being against the fight against corruption pursued vigourously by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government.
The group urged Nigeri­ans to rise against the Senate before they destroy the noble objective of President Buhari administration against cor­ruption.
The group, after their meeting on Sunday, de­scribed the statement made by Senator Ike Ekweremadu, at the opening of the 28th Enugu International Trade Fair which stated that cor­ruption had hindered de­velopment of the country as double talk, alleging that it is the same Senate that is propagating corruption in the country.
In a press statement is­sued by the BSO Publicity Secretary, Mr Eze Chibueze, they described the statement as
contradictory to the po­sition taken by the same Senate he represented at the Trade Fair, especially on the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu, the Acting Chairman of Economic and Finan­cial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
“We are therefore out­raged at the Senate that in one breath admitted that of­ficial corruption is the bane of our economic prosperity and indeed is the bane of our collective development while on the other breath is viciously waging unpatri­otic offensive against Presi­dent Buhari’s war against pervasive corruption in our land. Who kills his war commander?”
“We are in league with majority of patriotic Nige­rians and foreign friends of our dear country who be­lieve that Ibrahim Magu is doing a fantastic job; which in the first place made Mr President to nominate him. Accordingly, we call on Mr President not to succumb to arrant blackmail and propaganda being mount­ed by looters.
“It’s our considered view that Magu’s recent exposure of the Paris Fund scam, in which the Senate President and some governors were allegedly fingered, the pe­tition against the Deputy Senate President on his table and sundry corrup­tion charges against high number of senators which incensed the rogue sena­tors.” - The Authority