The Director General of the Department of State Security Service [DSS], Yusuf Magaji Bichi CFR, fwc, since assumption of office on the 13th of September, 2018. Bichi has embarked on various structural and institutional reforms in the state security service, making its operations more effective and highly efficient, Bichi has not only shaped the DSS, but has turned it into a world class, modern and viable security organization that has become a reference point.


National Crimewatch Magazine has been monitoring the activities of the Department of State Security Service [DSS], under the leadership of its Director General, Yusuf Magaji Bichi CFR, fwc, in supplying daily intelligence to critical decision makers, including the commandant in chief, the National Security Adviser [NSA] and other strategic consumers.


Our findings shows that DSS had become more responsible and efficient in the discharge of its mandates following Bichi’s dispositions and qualities.

Bichi’s passion and commitment has reposition the service as well as ensure that personnel are well focused, motivated and that operational activities conforms with public expectation in order to restore confidence in the organisation



We have also carried out series of investigations on the DGSS and his activities in office as the Director General of DSS. 


As a responsible organisation that deals with facts and not rumours or hearsay, we can authoritatively tell you for the fact that DGSS Bichi needs to be commended for creating a friendly working environment, enhance staff capacity through training and welfare, as well as ensuring that DSS remains a democratically compliant intelligence agency in Nigeria


“We are proud that with men like Bichi, the nation is on the path of getting it right in the area of security.


There is the growing need that people like Bichi should be given more opportunities to function in public offices, if we must get it right in the fight Against insecurity


Mr. Tony Okpe who is the publisher of National Crimewatch Magazine decided to commend Bichi exemplary and visionary leadership qualities so as to motivate other heads of security agencies under this administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to think out of the box in carrying out their assigned responsibilities  


He also commended Bichi for working effortlessly in making sure there is peace and stability in Nigeria, 

“Bichi has eliminated nepotism, tribalism and favouritism in posting of personnel to every DSS formations.


The DGSS has ensured due process for federal character in the appointment and posting of state commandants.


These were not previously considered, but he has ensured that all parts of the nation are given equal attention.”


Under Bichi's watch the DSS has become a reference point to other security agency


A remarkable attribute that is attestable by all about this gentleman of few words is his humility. Despite the strings of achievement in several areas within these almost six years in office, Mr. Bichi remains cool headed. He exudes rare humility and friendliness that endears him to everyone that comes across him

Bichi’s passion for the realization of the service’s mandate is uncommon. As a symbol of his commitment to internal security of the country, he has received numerous local and international awards from prestigious institutions.


''We decided to do this piece of report to put the records straight and highlight some of Bichi’s achievements and transformational leadership for the world to see and appreciate all the good things he has done since his assumption of office as the Director General of DSS''

Aside Bichi’s numerous achievements in the preceding years, in no particular order, we are unmasking just a few of his achievements

[A] The Formation of the Special Intervention Squad [SIS] and Tactical Teams to respond to emergencies

[B] Sustained collaboration with sister agencies as well as effective collaboration with strategic stakeholders and partners.

[C] Sponsorship of local and international training programmes for personnel to enhance their capacity to surmount emerging threats.

[D] Acquisition of new structures and extensive renovation of dilapidated ones to address lingering staff housing accommodation challenges across the states

[E] Replacement of operational vehicle for all Directors and their deputies

[F] Equipping and renovating of all offices with modern furniture

[G] Massive conversion and upgrading of qualified staff

[H] Massive promotion of personnel

[I] Special promotion for personnel stagnated on ranks for several years

[J] Approval of medical financial assistance and other intervention to assist ailing personnel and others confronted with challenges beyond their capacity etc




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