The Lagos State Taskforce, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture, has launched a crackdown on indiscriminate and illegal display and sale of livestock by roadside, inner streets and any other unapproved locations which goes against the environment laws of the state.

The enforcement exercise which was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye kicked off at Agege Ram Market where dozens of livestock were evacuated and taken to the Lagos State Abbatoir market for proper livestock health verification and proper husbandry. 

Jejeloye described the activities of the animal traders as unhygienic and dangerous not to the sellers and buyers alone but also to commuters and vehicle operators along that axis.

“From this location it is clear that these animals have not been properly barricaded from the road therefore it is very easy for one ram to lose control and jump on to the road which could lead to an accident” Jejeloye stated.

Speaking further on the operation carried out, the Head, Monitoring, Enforcement and Complaince, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Dr Kofoworola Oloritun said the individuals engaging in the sale of livestock by the roadside have violated environmental and agricultural laws of the State in so many ways. She disclosed that before any animal is displayed for sale, such animal should first of all be inspected to determine if the animal is disease free or not. 

“We have issued warnings to these operators severally but they fell on deaf ears. The animals evacuated from the illegal market will be properlly analyzed here at the abbatoir before having a stakeholders meeting with their owners and enlighten on the need to adhere to the laid down laws regarding sale of livestock”

She further disclosed that appropraite fines will be issued to the operators of the illegal markets before handing over the livestocks back to them.

CSP Jejeloye advised other operators scattered across the State to heed the note of warning and ensure that their livestock are properly tested and displayed at approved locations before being sold to innocent members of the public. He warned that any operators caught endangering the lives of Lagosians through their selfish business activities will have their livestock seized and forfeited to the State Government. 

He admonished residents and consumers to ensure that they purchase their livestock from certified dealers in order to avoid consumables that could lead to health issues in the future. 

Gbadeyan Abdulraheem
Director, Press & Public Affairs
Lagos State Taskforce

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