The General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Olajide Oduyoye has said that “there are many sides to a coin” while talking to a journalist on the phone on Wednesday, 30th June 2021.

Oduyoye made the statement in the light of preliminary investigation conducted in the wake of a story published by a national daily newspaper with a follow-up in which a Dubai based businessman claimed that his wife that had an issue of Hemorrhage was abducted by a LASTMA official who drove his car away with his wife inside after he violated an established traffic law.

The General Manager added that there are more questions than answers surrounding the event. He noted that the complainant was invited to the office after the alleged officer was identified. His Ten thousand naira that he willingly provided to the officer in order to be forgiven for the offence and prevent payment to government coffers as proscribed by law was retrieved and returned to him. On the issue of outstanding parts of the matter, he was requested to make a return visit to enable a continual further investigation but, he is yet to honour that invitation as of the time of going to the press.

The questions which are in dire need of answers amongst others bearing in mind that according to him; his wife was in the vehicle all through until he retrieved his vehicle including the salient question of how was the N150,000 in an “official envelope” removed without the wife’s knowledge? If she was in the vehicle all through as he alleged.

Some of the contentious issues are: The complainant called his wife who was present in the vehicle at the time to watch out for moves under the carpet. And when he arrived at the LASTMA yard, he took an envelope out with the N10,000 he offered the officers. He did not raise an alarm about any missing N150,000 at that point. He drove the vehicle himself to the named hospital supposedly where he took pictures of his missus.

The background of the picture is suspect as it did not look like a hospital room or ward?

Why didn’t his wife make an effort to explain or provide some reasonable evidence to confirm her distress of hemorrhaging? 

Why did the complainant provide conflicting information about how the hospital bill was settled?

What is the relevance of his international passport with committing a traffic offence? Will an individual place his passport in his vehicle carelessly? And remember his wife was present at all times.

Was the driver’s license the original copy or a photocopy? 

Oduyoye while speaking with the journalist from a National daily on phone advised that sensationalised stories by the media without proper background investigation before publishing should be avoided, this can cause disaffection between the people, the government and government agencies. He affirmed that he did not receive any phone call or text message from any journalist on the said issue.

He assured the public that the officer (s) involved in the alleged offence would face the music according to the extent of the laws of the Lagos State Civil Service Rules (CSR).

The General Manager further advised the general road users in Lagos to always keep within the ambit of the law to avoid consequences that come with the violation of the State traffic law.

Whilst the General Manager also assured the general public that LASTMA will continue to ensure that motorists are not exploited by unpatriotic officers who want to tarnish the image of the agency; anyone found guilty of such acts will be brought to book.

He concluded that Lagos residents should join hands with the State Governor, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu who has shown his passion for a working Lagos Mega City with Transportation and Traffic Management being the first T in his THEMES development agenda.

Let us all join hands together to make Lagos greater. 



Filade Olumide

Asst. Director, Public Affairs







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