Some individuals and groups have over the last few days, expressed their concerns over Governor Bello Mohammed’s peace process with bandits in the state, some of them alleging neglect in favour of the repentant bandits. They cited some recent banditry attacks on certain communities where they alleged non action on the part of the Security agencies in favour of the peace road map.
This allegation, which seems to be getting momentum, is completely unfounded and contrary to the truth in the fight against banditry in the state. Indeed, Governor Bello Mohammed still believes that dialogue is the best approach to solving the lingering security problems in the state and, indeed, the entire North West bedevilled with years of banditry attacks but not at the detriment of the people.
The position of Mataealle’s administration is very clear which is a carrot and stick approach to the dialogue and peace process. Those who refuse to accept the peace process and those who renege on it are squarely being faced with the wrath of the state’s operation Hadarin Daji.
We must not quickly forget the successes of this operation in the last few months which include the rescue of 12 abducted persons including the District Head of Wuya, the killing of 9 bandits and arrest of 12 others as well as recovery of 67 rustled cattle in separate operations held in Gidan Usman, Gidan Baba Goji, Gadauna, Gidan Janari, Kekuwaje, Gidan Sarki, Gardi and Bingi all in Bungudu Local Government Area of the state.
Similarly, the operation, with support of the state Government, succeeded in intercepting 9 bandits who rustled 600 heads of cattle and 300 heads of goats in Gusau Local Government Area.
Last month, the operation killed 27 bandits operation along the state’s border with neighbouring Katsina and destroyed their homes at Nahuta-Doumborou while another 135 bandits were neutralised between Zamfara and Katsina state.
Moreover, a large number of bandits were killed on an air raid along Tungar Duba where 6 kidnapped persons were rescued from the fleeing bandits.
The operation killed a total of over 200 bandits in Zurmi Local Government Area last month in co-ordinate attacks following credible intelligence reports.
This month, the operation neutralused 3 bandits and captured 4 at Yauyau and Zandam villages in the state just as it killed many bandits in one of their camps at Kwaya bana forest and arrested their notorious King pin, Dogo Gede. These are just some of the operations being executed under the supervision of His Excellency to rid the state of unrepentant bandits terrorising our communities.
Indeed, His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed will never abandon the people whom he has pledged to protect with all the might he has got. It is unfounded and uncharitable to accuse the administration of Governor Bello Mohammed of abandoning the people in favour of the peace accord which, in itself, is initially conceived for the sake of the people.

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