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     Lagos state was thrown into celebration and it became a fun fare, the populace rejoice as the supreme court in Abuja dismissed Sanwo Olu's appeal on Tuesday.

The people of Lagos saw it a ray of hope because justice they thought has been long buried reared its beautiful head.

The ongoing case at the tribunal was a source of concern to the populace because it was clear that the judiciary has been manipulated to become the weapon of tyranny and oppression. The Election Petition Tribunal had ignored all evidences put forward in the petition and had gone ahead to dismiss the matter filed by Labour party and AD on Monday for the second time.

Sequel to this, the appeal court had ordered the case to be returned to the same election tribunal after xraying the evidence(s) presented by Owolabi Salis of AD and Ifagbemi awamaridi of Labour respecrively.
The appeal court declared ipso facto, that dismissing the petition amounted to a miscarriage of justice and an obvious violation of the electoral act, which must be discouraged. It ordered a fair retrial at the tribunal that must uphold the tenets of justice.

 Why is Sanwo Olu and the APC so paranoid, infact petrified and jittery at facing a fair trial? Because their hands are not clean. Our weight of evidence(s) are legion and would capsize  their flimsy and dubious  victory. They realise this may well be their swansong. The electoral act must be upheld.
Despite their disdain for justice and attempts to make our judiciary a laughing stock, the people of Lagos are hopeful that this time the  judiciary would stand tall and dispense justice without fear or favour. This spectre of losing power is what  haunts the traitorous Lagos power establishment. But in God we trust. 
The judiciary should be the hope of the people and we continue to appeal to them to think about the populace who are looking forward to a country where true democracy is the order of the day and the people are allowed to choose their representatives without fear or manipulation. The judiciary should be firm in performing it's constitutional role of impartial arbiter in order to sustain our nascent democracy and discourage the culture of do or die politics, where might is right, a situation which if encourage to continue, may spell doom for the country. 
Alliance for Democracy Lagos under the chairmanship of Kola Ajayi and it's gubernatorial candidate high chief Owolabi Salis remain optimistic that justice will finally prevail.  To Sanwo Olu and APC we say Enjoy all you can out of your stolen mandate, we are on our way to recover what is rightfully ours.
Kola Ajayi
State Chairman, 
Alliance for Democracy (AD)

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