Blissful Affairs Annual Discourse and Recognition Award [BAADRA] Holds 17th November,2019 |Blissful Affairs online

In the course of Nigeria going through challenges cutting across all sectors of life, we at Blissful Affairs Magazine organisers of the Blissful Affairs Annual Discourse and Recognition Awards [BAADRA 2019] with the theme, THE CHALLENGES AND TRIUMPHS OF NIGERIA’S CEOs IN THE 21ST CENTURY.
This event is organized to celebrate the country’s versatile and astute businessman and women who have done extremely wonderful to provide jobs for the Nigerians.
They sweated it all out to ensure that Nigerians put foods on their families tables and this has gone a long way in adding to the country’s economy.
This is the more reasons we decided to organise this noble event . It will really generate a positive impact for our great county Nigeria.
We believe in what we are doing because it is one of the ways we will contribute to the development of the country.
BAADRA 2019 is to celebrate our men and women. Chief Executive Offcers are people that sacrificed to help others and this is why we are celebrating them.
We are using this opportunity to extend our invitation to our esteemed readers and those who appreciate Blissful Affairs Magazine, a tabloid that has been ruling the Nigerian airwaves with classical news that generate interest from our readers.
We shall appreciate your interest in us as we promise that BAADRA 2019 will achieve its most important goal.
Thank you so much for keeping faith in us and we pray for more success for you.

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