Igando Police Division Foiled Assasination Attempt

The Igando divisional police officer CSP Taiwo Kasumu recorded a major achievement since his posting to the Igando police division few weeks ago as DPO .
CP Imohimi Edgal who paraded the suspects, on July 26 said the DPO and his team rounded up a gang that had been mobilized to assassinate one Gladys Osaigbovo-Omon ‘female’, 60 years of age, an indigene of Benin City, Edo State.

Edgal who also said the crux of the matter was a case of human trafficking that went awry.  To make it clearer, Gladys Osaigbovo-Omon and Augusta Osaigbovo are siblings, the eldest in the family being Gladys.
However, a time came when Gladys Osaigbovo-Omon begged her younger sister, Augusta Osaigbovo to take her daughter, Mercy Omon overseas for better life. She obliged and took Mercy to the UK.

While in the UK, it dawned on her that her Aunty, Augusta, is a leader of a prostitution ring and indeed, had recruited her into prostitution in London.

She refused to submit herself for the illicit trade prompting Augusta to give her up to the police authorities in the UK. Somehow, Mercy Omon wriggled out of the trouble and convinced the UK police that her travail was caused by Augusta who brought her to London with job promises unknown to her that she had ulterior motives. The police now turned against Augusta and jailed her.
When Augusta Osaigbovo finished her jail term, she complained to her sister Gladys, that her daughter, Mercy, whom she brought from the village to help, has ruined her. Feeling that her sister was supporting her daughter she decided to procure assassins to eliminate her in revenge.
When the DPO, Igando, CSP Taiwo Kasumu, got a whiff of the plans to kill Gladys, he planted two agents provocateurs namely, Igbinedion Ogbevon ‘m’ and Success Ehiosun ‘m’ to play along with the hired assassins. The gang assembled and were paid the sum of five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000) by Augusta Osaigbovo as a mobilization for the job. The names of the assassins are:
Osaro Okonobom ‘male’; and 
Lucky Oboh.

Together they went to Benin-City in Edo State and identified their target, Gladys Osaigbovo, after which they returned to Lagos and requested Augusta to give them the balance of four million Naira (N4,000,000). It was at this stage that they were rounded up.

Edgal said he had contacted the International Police (Interpol) to wade into the matter and repatriate Augusta to Nigeria for prosecution.

He said he was proud of Mercy who stood her ground and refused to do join the band wagons, advising parents to be careful when people offer to take their children to abroad for jobs as they may be forced into prostitution.

The case is under investigation and suspects will be charged to court soonest.

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