Mobil faults picketing of office by ex-spy policemen

Mobil Producing Nigeria, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, has faulted the picketing of its offices by ex-spy policemen, who provided security for the company.
The company, in a statement by its Manager, Media Communications, Oge Udeagha, said it had fully paid all its disengaged staff, including the spy policemen.
The company said the payment followed a Supreme Court judgement ordering that the entitlements should be paid.
Udeagha, who spoke in reaction to the picketing of the company’s office, said: “Following the recent judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) has provided compensation packages for the affected personnel.
“The compensation packages cover all categories of affected personnel, including those in active service, and others who had already left the services of the Company before the judgement.
“In addition, the Company is also offering HR consulting services to assist with employment opportunities with third parties.
“MPN typically retains security services through third parties who are best positioned to provide these core competencies.
“We thank these individuals for their prior service in supporting the safety and security of our operations in Nigeria.”

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