I Poured Hot Water on My Husband in Self-Defence - A Mother of Four.

A mother of four, Mrs Joy Akachi who was paraded yesterday at the Lagos state police command. told journalists that she did what she did in self-defence. She said: “Mr. Akachi who is currently undergoing treatment in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos is not my husband yet, but loving partner because he has not paid my bride price. Although I have four children for him, probably the reason why he beat me at any slightest provocation is because he has not formally married me, ''she said''. He is not a caring, he does not provide food for us, I work so hard to provide for my children.
“On this fateful day, I left home very early to jebowu-yaba where I sell used clothes. I didn't return home early on that day because I didn't make enough sales so I had to wait a little longer, so I came back home late. I came back at about 9:00p.m. and he dragged me inside the house and started punching me with blows and supporting it with slaps.I was crying for help but he locked the door so no one could come to assist me. He beat me till dawn and I became sick.
“The following day, he woke me up and said I should prepare food for the children, but I told him I was tired and feeling pains from the beatings I received from him previous day. He left me and started boiling water with an electric boiling ring, probably to bathe the kids. I don’t know what came over him again and he started saying that he would kill me. He started punching me again. When I was becoming too weak, I feared that if I did not resist him, he may kill me, so I poured the hot water on him in self-defence.
“After the incident, I started regretting my action because he is the father of my children. I went to the hospital to visit him, but his family chased me away. My family sent emissary to him, but his family rejected our apology. I regret what I did, but he was the cause of the problems. My family had advised me to quit the marriage as he was always beating me, but I wouldn’t listen because of the love and children I have for him. If I had left the marriage, I wouldn’t have been in this mess,” she said.

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