Visiting Ghanaian lawmakers watch as thugs invade Senate, steal mace

Lawmakers from Ghana were on a visit to the National Assembly on Wednesday when the hoodlums invaded the Senate chamber and stole the mace. The Ghanaians, who were also as confused as the Nigerians scampering to safety, watched in amazement.
They entered the House and sat at the gallery to observe proceedings as members debated the invasion.
Gbajabiamila, feeling embarrassed that the visitors saw what played out, apologised to them on behalf of the National Assembly.
“It is unfortunate that we have visitors from Ghana, who are on a parliamentary visit to Nigeria.
“We apologise because this is not usually how our legislature operates,” he added.
A member from Anambra State, Mr. Gabriel Onyenwife, supported the motion, calling the invaders terrorists.
He spoke more, “The National Assembly is under a terrorist attack; that is the appropriate description.
“If the legislature is no more, what is the fate of democracy? Today, it is the mace, it could have been a senator or a member that the terrorists came to attack.
“The security personnel in the National Assembly must explain the role they played in this saga.”
A lawmaker from Osun State, Prof. Mojeed Alabi, captured the invasion as a “failed coup”, that should be meted with the appropriate penalty for coups.
“There is punishment for a coup, a failed coup.
“The punishment for this invasion should be the same punishment for coup plotters”, Alabi said.
More members spoke in support of the motion, condemning the attack

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