Boko Haram: Nigerian government set to free 95 ‘repentant’ insurgents

The Nigerian government is set to release about 95 former Boko Haram terrorists after series of training, vocational skills acquisition and rehabilitation courses.
The repentant terrorists were trained by the Nigerian Army wing charged with the responsibility of Deracialising, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) in Gombe State.
The commandant of the camp, Colonel Adegoke Adetuyi, during the graduation ceremony of the repentant terrorists on Saturday, said they were also empowered with vocational skills.
“An essential element of DRR program is training of the ex-combatant by instructors from National Directorate of Employment (NDE). They went through a number of vocations including barbing, shoe making/leather works and cosmetology which compose of making of body cream, perfume and liquid soap among others.
“They were enthusiastic about their skill acquisition program and they are looking forward to practice their trades after discharge from the camp. They are to further their training with NDE in their state of residence in order to enhance smooth reintegration,” he said.
The coordinator of Operation Safe Heaven (OPSC), Major General Bamidele Shafa, said they have earlier facilitated the rehabilitation of 750 men, women and children who were released to their various state government.
One of the repentant fighters, Fadau Bukar, asked for forgiveness for the atrocities they have committed against humanity and the nation as a whole.
“This is happiest day in life. It’s like a day of admission into paradise. I appeal to the larger society to receive us wholeheartedly because we have realised that the ideologies of the Boko Haram are wrong that’s why we surrendered.
“We have repented fully and will contribute to the development of ourselves, the society and the nation,” Bukar said.

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