Image result for ACP ABBA KYARI PICTURE“He is unlike the regular Nigeria Police we all know and dread. I remember on June 14, 2016, some group of kidnappers came to my father’s house in Egume, Kogi State and after robbing everyone in the house, took my father away. I was called after 2 days to pay a ransom of N15million. The kidnappers, after collecting some money, refused to release my father. As luck would have it, I stumbled on ACP Abba Kyari’s mobile number. My wife and I called and he picked. After narrating our ordeal to him, he promised to help and true to his word, he did act. A man I’ve never known and had no relationship with. He mobilized his men from Abuja to Egume in Kogi State and engaged the kidnappers. In the process, 3 of the kidnappers lost their lives and some of Abba Kyari’s men injured. He personally sent me the picture of the dead kidnappers as well as his men’s vehicles sprayed with bullets by the kidnappers. Thank goodness, none of his men lost their lives.
My father was eventually freed and was brought to Lagos. Abba Kyari offered to speak with my dad to lift his Spirit. Before I encountered him, I used to believe that if you are not high up there, police would never come to your assistance but ACP Abba Kyari proved me wrong. He demonstrated that all humans are equal. My father is alive today because of Abba Kyari and his Team. I do not know How to thank him but I believe some day, our path would cross again and I would let him know how much he means to me.”

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