The Tutor General/Permanent Secretary, Education District IV, Mrs. Lola Are-Adegbite has cautioned teachers and students against examination malpractices rampant among those seeking admission into higher institutions of learning.
Are-Adegbite who issued the warning recently in her office stated that stringent penalty had been stipulated for those found involved in examination malpractices in the ongoing West African Examinations Council, WAEC.

She said the Lagos State Government has invested heavily in teachers’ welfare and made necessary provisions for students to learn under the right ambiance with the appropriate tools and teaching aids, hence there should be no need for anyone to engage in malpractices.

“In view of the numerous investments by the State Government in the educational sector there is no justification for any student or teacher to engage in examination malpractice,” she said and warned that perpetrators will not be spared as punishments would be meted out without fear or compromise.
The Permanent Secretary also appealed to parents to play their roles in complementing the efforts of government in its determination to eradicate all forms of examination malpractices, stressing that parents should desist from making house chores a priority over academic activities of their wards.
“Parents who want their children to be successful will always release them to go for extracurricular activities, attend after school lessons, give them time for their assignments and desist from keeping them engaged with domestic activities to the detriment of their studies. We should learn to do the right thing at the right time and give preference to our children’s academic advancement,” Are-Adegbite said.
She urged parents to always respect the teachers, cooperate with them and maintain excellent relationship with school administrators as this would go a long way in positively impacting the lives of the pupils.

The TGPS maintained that parents are the first recipients of the successes of their children, hence the need to be interested in the academic growth of their wards.

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