My wife slaps me often, brings home male friends - Man tells court My wife slaps me often, brings home male friends - Man tells court

My wife slaps me often, brings home male friends - Man tells court
A 30-year-old man, Ab­dulrahman Ganiyu, has pleaded with a Karu Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, to dissolve his five-month-old mar­riage on grounds that his wife, Nafisat Oseni, is very trouble­some.
“Before I got married to her, she was not like this; but the mo­ment I married her, she became something else. It’s like she was just waiting for me to marry her because since we got married, she developed a new character. She doesn’t take care of the house, she no longer takes instructions from me,” he said.
Ganiyu also alleged that his wife slaps him at the slightest provocation. “She is very trouble­some and hits my face whenever she is provoked. She also receives her male friends as visitors in our house,’’ Ganiyu added.
When asked why he moved out from their matrimonial home, the plaintiff said he found diaboli­cal substances in their home.
“I was left with no option than to move out because I discov­ered fetish substances around the house on few occasions. Also, on one occasion that we had a hot ar­gument, she took a knife from the kitchen to stab me, but I escaped, and after that, I left the apartment for her since February,’’ he added.
He also accused his wife of dis­cussing their family issues with her family members and pleaded with the court to end the mar­riage.
Responding, Nafisat told the court that she still loves her hus­band and that both family mem­bers would soon meet to resolve their differences.
She urged the court to give her and her estranged husband some time to resolve their differences.
“Sir, it is a new marriage and we are just getting to know each other better; both families are trying to help us; we need a little time to sort out our differences,’’ she said.
The judge, Mr Hassan Ishaq, urged the couple to be more pa­tient with each other and learn to listen to each other and ad­journed the matter till April 24 for report of settlement.-The Authoriyt

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