A lawyer and Lead Di­rector, Centre for So­cial Justice (CENSOJ), Mr Eze Onyekpere, has called for the adoption of more pro­fessional approaches in the country’s anti-graft war.
Onyekpere who reacted to the recent discovery of cash by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in some parts of Nigeria, ac­cused the anti-graft agency of playing to the gallery.
He appealed to the com­mission to exhibit profession­alism in the performance of its statutory duties.
In recent times, the EFCC has claimed the discovery of undeclared sums of N49 mil­lion at the Kaduna Interna­tional Airport, as well as over N13 billion cash in local and foreign currencies in a four-bedroom apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos.
The owners of the money are yet to be identified.
In a chat with The AU­THORITY, Onyekpere said: “In civilised societies, you do not arrest people or bring in the media at that stage; you take time to do your investi­gations, circle round suspects and have conclusive evidence.
“EFCC officials should have the name of who built the house, they should call the landlord to know the tenants. Who and who has bought the flats in the building.”
He stressed that the investi­gation could be concluded in one day, “you can get the clue using fingerprints. You can run the fingerprints through the system and get the identity of people concerned. We are not putting on our thinking cap. The way they are going about the war now, wherever there is money, becomes sus­pect.-The Authority