Traditional Rulers and the authorities of the Bayelsa State Po­lice Command have com­mended the Chairman of the Brass Local Government Council, Hon. Bello Bina over the decision to embark on the construction of a twin security tower to tackle sea piracy.
The Police authorities through the State Commis­sioner, Asuquo Mba de­scribed the construction of the twin Security tower as commendable effort.
The State Chairman of Traditional Rulers’ Coun­cil and the Amanayabo of Twon-Brass, King Alfred Diette -Spiff said though the Brass communities have developed zero tolerance to sea piracy and criminalities along the waterways, the construction of the security tower will speed security in­vestigation into issues of sea piracy.
King Diette- Spiff said though the people of the Brass Local Government area are tired of the repeated embarrassment from inci­dent of violent attacks and abductions, He explained that the people of the com­munity want the embar­rassment of sea piracy to stop so that investors can invest the community.
Commenting on the de­velopment, the State Police Commissioner, Asuquo Mba said the issue of con­struction of security towers will reduce criminality in the state.
According to him the cameras that will be in­stalled will assist in data gathering and monitoring and will consolidate on out investigate.
The Chairman o Brass Local Government Coun­cils, Hon. Bello Bina while explaining the essence of the tower said the motivation behind the decision to build a twin security tower was the discovery that sea pirates operate along the waterways based on information. - The Authority