A 30-year-old man, Abdurahlmad Ibrahim popularly known as Baba of Maje and two teenagers, Hassan Umaru and Mustapha Sh­uaibu, have been caught for housing breaking and theft by operatives of the Police Area Command, Suleja.
The arrest was made fol­lowing incessant complain­ants of robberies by resi­dents. Ibrahim hails from Kano while the two boys are both aged 15 years.
During interrogation, the teenagers confirmed that Baba was the one who sent them to go to houses and bring anything he men­tioned and he was always in their company.
“You know we are very little; we can enter anywhere Baba and his big statue can­not enter. We can lean on the wall and in a moment, we are already inside the apartment without opening the doors. The occupants will never smell us or see us while we are inside.”
When asked of the means they use to gain ac­cess into apartments that the occupants would not see them, they said, “Baba has a charm we are using to operate.”
When asked why he uses the children, Baba denied using them, saying, “I only send them to buy me In­dian hemp. I used to steal, but not within where I re­side. I go very far away to steal.”
The Police Area Com­mander of Suleja, ACP Paul Odama confirmed the inci­dent saying, “I cannot have juveniles in my custody. I will handle the teenagers over to social welfare, who will take them to Minna, where they will be rehabili­tated.”
Items recovered from them include charms, sword, daggers and knives.