Niger Delta Avengers discredit claims by DSS that two of their members have been arrested

The Department of State Security DSS yesterday released a statement stating it has arrested two suspected members of the militant group, Niger Delta Avengers. According to the DSS statement, the service effected the arrest of one Selky Kile Torughedi on June 17th in Calabar, Cross River State.

Toruchedi is alleged to be an ex-militant and suspected member of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), and was arrested for planning to assassinate one MB.Yahaya a serving military officer.

The statement added that one Christian Oluba aka Sensor, another suspected militant with the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has also been arrested for planning to carry out explosive attacks on critical oil and gas pipelines, including critical storage points.

In their statement released on their website, the Niger Delta Avengers say the two men that have been arrested are not members of their group. Read their statement below
"Reports from National dailies that two suspects Mr Christian Oluba alias Sensor, and Selky Kile Torughedi arrested by DSS are alleged members of Niger Delta Avengers  is laughable, the fact is they are sleeper agents of the DSS sent after the Niger Delta Avengers.
The boys has the right to demand for their money from DSS, why not pay them instead of arresting and labeling them as Niger Delta Avengers members. If DSS are denying this, let them allow the suspects to speak to the press. We (Niger Dleta Avengers) don’t have any connection with these boys. We dare the DSS to allow the boys to tell the world their side of the story. DSS and Nigeria Army can’t win the Niger Delta war by feeding their President with false information about situation of things in the Region. It’s all-good because as it seems the DSS is now having internal crisis with most of their sleeper agents and it a sign that God is on our side.
There are problem in the Niger Delta region such as underdevelopment, environmental degradation, lack of infrastructure and the issue of self-determination. These are the areas Mr. President should focus on, not  arresting their allies and linking them to Niger Delta Avengers. This is to DSS Director Lawal Daura,  this the holy month of Ramadan and as a Muslim you hold it to Allah and the Nigeria people to say the truth. Why not come out with the truth.
To the Nigeria press, there is always two sides to a story.  Why not try to get the other side of the story by interviewing the boys. The Nigeria army will never get us (Niger Delta Avengers), let them go and settle with their sleeper agents and stop deceiving the general public and their President.
Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo

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