Fake EFCC operative arrested over plot to swindle NUC boss

Fake EFCC operative arrested over plot to swindle NUC boss
The Economic and Finan­cial Crime Commission (EFCC) has arrested a sus­pected fraudster, Olu Adebanjo, over a failed attempt to swindle the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commis­sion (NUC), Prof. Julius Okojie, the sum of N3 million.
Adebanjo, who alleged­ly claimed to be an operative of EFCC, is said to head a syndicate that extorts money from people in the guise of clearing them of non-existent petitions purport­edly brought against them at the anti-graft commission.
According to a statement made available to The AUTHORI­TY by EFCC and signed by its spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, the long arm of the law caught up with Adebanjo while trying to withdraw the N3 million paid in by Prof. Okojie from a bank.
Parts of the statement read: “The 45-year-old businessman was arrested on June 17, 2016 in a failed attempt to swindle Pro­fessor Julius A. Okojie, Executive Secretary of National Universi­ties Commission of N3million to clear him of a purported cor­ruption allegation.
“The complainant (Okojie), who also alerted the Commission of the activities of fraudsters im­personating him to defraud vice chancellors of various universi­ties, was advised to play along.
“Consequently, the suspect (Adebanjo) was arrested while trying to cash ‘the money’ from one of the new generation banks.”
The statement added that the suspected fraudster would soon be charged to court as soon as further investigation is conclud­ed.

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