Judges in Anambra state’s high courts are over worked- Chief Registrar cries out

The Chief Registrar of the Anambra High Court, Mrs Doris Ezeani, said on Thursday that judges in the state’s high courts were over worked.
Ezeani said in Awka that there was a delay in the appointment of new judges and that it currently had only 19 judges.
“This number is not enough for the increasing number of cases pending in the state high courts. We will need at least 35 judges to reduce the workload as well as fast-track the process of service delivery in the state judiciary.
“The caseload for Anambra judges is among the highest in the country. When we did our assessment, we found out that 30,000 cases were pending before only 19 judges meaning that one judge had more than 700 cases a year.
“The situation calls for urgent appointment of more judges for faster dispensation of justice,” the chief registrar said.
On the construction of a new complex for the state judiciary, Ezeani expressed confidence that the project remained feasible under Gov. Peter Obi.
“There is every hope and possibility that the project which Gov. Obi promised to deliver will begin before the end of his tenure,” she said.
The chief registrar said when completed, the complex would provide 16 court rooms, Chief judge’s complex and a state-of-the-art ceremonial court hall, which will give a lot of satisfaction to the state judiciary.

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