My husband charmed me, wife tells court

My husband charmed me, wife tells court

A 39-year old woman, Adejoke Omotosho has told the Igando customary court to dissolve her 16 year old mar­riage to her husband Musiliu Omotosho.
She had alleged that her husband had used charms to marry her.
According to her, when she met her husband for the first time, he discussed at length on the love he had for her and why he wanted to marry her. “I refused out­right because I was already engaged to be married and had started wedding prepa­rations with my boyfriend at that time.
“On another day, he came again the only thing I could remember was that he touched me and before I knew what was happening, I had followed him to his vil­lage and gave birth to three boys. Now my eyes are clear and this is not whom I am meant to marry; so I want a divorce”.
A 39-year old food ven­dor said when she went with him nobody looked for her because she is an orphan and now that she has woken up and got her senses back. She said she wanted dissolution on the grounds of infidelity, lack of care and threat to life
She said her husband con­stantly brings his lovers to their one room apartment to spend days and months before leaving not minding that she is in the house with the kids
“I had to leave the bed for them and slept on the floor on four occasions I had report­ed him to his family. Recent­ly he came home with a lady who stole my pants and brass­ier, I discovered that after she had left.
“I told my husband to re­trieve my underwear from his lover and he came home with a bra and pant but they were not my own.
The mother of four boys said that her husband was al­ways threatening her life
“My husband threatened to kill me, my hair dresser in­formed me that anytime I fin­ished making my hair that my husband came to ask her to give him my hair. And he said that if I leave him, he would kill me and run away”.
She said she is the one re­sponsible for feeding the fam­ily, paying the house rent and children’s school fees
She begged the court to dissolve the union that she was scared of contracting sexually transmitted diseases from her husband due to his womanizing habits.
The 47 year old bricklayer denied some of the allegations and accepted that he had lov­ers and that one of her lovers took his wife’s underwear but that he returned them.
He however said he pays his bills and gives her N500 everyday. “But she assists me as a good wife should” he said.
The respondent asked the court to beg his wife as he still loves her
The president of the court, Adegboyega Omilola ad­journed the matter for July
12 for further hearing.
He also urged the couple to try and resolve their issues before the next hearing.


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